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The Course

This virtual self-study course is a thorough presentation of the 12-Step program as a problem-solving formula used to treat the myriad of substance and behavioral addictions. The 12-Step program will be presented as outlined in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, starting with the preface written in 1939 through the final instructions.


The course centers on the “context steps,” the “action steps,” and the “Fourth Dimension of Existence,” demonstrating how professional counselors can increase their understanding of the 12-Step program and the use of 12-Step fellowships as a resource. The course format is based on using The Big Book as the foundation for treatment.


Dr. Guttorm Toverud presents this course. He has conducted these workshops for 30 years in both Norway and Sweden. He has recently started conducting them in English (virtually) to reach audiences in many more countries and continents. More than 10,000 people have now participated. He is a specialist in using the 12-Step model for treating substance and behavioral addictions, allowing addicted individuals to learn how to live life on life’s terms.


The course format allows participants to set their own pace, making it possible to tailor attendance for everyone; no attendance-specific dates. However, an initial private Zoom session will be scheduled to introduce the course, followed by the release of the first set of video lectures viewed at your leisure. When ready, private zoom sessions will be scheduled to answer any clarification questions, followed by the release of a new set of video lectures, three sets in all. A final private Zoom session will complete the course where we can have a thorough discussion. When more than one participant from the same organization takes the course, the private Zoom sessions will be for all.








This workshop costs $500 for one participant, $750 for two participants from the same organization, or $1000 for three, four, or five participants from the same organization. Group rates for more than five participants from the same organization are available.


Each participant must have a copy of the 4th edition of The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Older editions are not appropriate.


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