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Professionals Applying the Big Book
A Virtual
Self-Study Course

Welcome to an exciting and meaningful virtual self-study course that will enrich you professionally and personally!

30 years in the making!

Join Dr. Guttorm Toverud in his comprehensive self-study course and

learn how to use The Big Book’s “original recipe” in professional addiction treatment.


I became aware of statements and words on a deeper level than I had experienced over the last 36 years of study.  I’ve had some great teachers over the years; however, this was even deeper and more insightful. Don’t let preconceived notions or previous learning experience with the BB deter you from experiencing a whole new approach.  It will blow your mind.

Mary Foushi, Clinical Director ACORN

Be prepared to be wowed! I found the way Guttorm explained it was revolutionary. I had lots of epiphanies for myself and the way I can use this with clients. Its an amazing course to take, the way it all pulls together comes into play in the later stages when you have fully digested the information. Dr Torverud is deeply knowledgeable and each lesson was a show stopper. I was at the edge of my seat a lot of the time, waiting for the next wow moment, explained in glorious technicolour which was at the epicentre of it all.


The course has given me the tools and understanding to be able to support my clients and patients in their recovery journey with a deeper knowledge of the 12 steps and their background. There is a need to understand the Big Book if you want to help yourpatients with any type of addiction treatment. The 12 steps alone will not give you the deeper understanding the course provides.

Eva Clemente, MD


One participant

$500 for one participant

Two participants

$750 for two participants from the same organization

Three to five participants

$1000 for three, four, or five participants from the same organization

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